Welcome to the web site of Academia Orphica

Today, more than ever Art and Culture need rehabilitation and recovery of their lost original, sacred role for human civilization, for the social and individual life.

Academia Orphica is a Creative “Workshop” in which various genres and forms in culture and art are combined and transfer supreme ideas and realities, rooted in the nature of our existence as existential contents that cultivate, ennoble and give meaning to space and time. Public and social demands require that the eternal and innermost longings of every human being for Beauty, Truth and internal Light be satisfied.

We are convinced that the future of culture and art lies in their spontaneity whereby the gap between the Creative Spirit and its “admirers” is overcome and vanishes. Sterility of the museum-like and concert-like is “healed” only by the sanctification of the creative space, where “stage” is Life itself with its sacred cycle reproduced as an innermost mystery by all committed to its Beauty and Value. This Organic Unity between the way of living and the cultural and artistic life is elevated as a mystic insight in the norms of our folklore and is a characteristic feature of our ancient spiritual heritage – of the family as well as national.

Premiere of “The Seventh Song”
a book of selected poems
psalms by the Macedonian poet
Michail Rendzhov